Introducing All-New Ogram Features, including Pay-by-Card, OG Ratings, and More!

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Pssst! 🤫 We have a couple of exciting new product features to tell you about.

➡️ One-click payments for Ogram clients + Open Banking!

➡️ New ratings feature for Ogrammers

➡️ New and improved job acceptance flow for OGs

➡️ Meet your team with Shiftmates

But first… A quick introduction for those who don’t already know us.

What is Ogram?

What we do is pretty simple. We match clients looking for part-time staff with local qualified workers looking for jobs. But how we do it is what makes us… different.

Unlike traditional temping agencies, we offer fast and flexible on-demand staffing through our seamless digital app. There are no contracts or commitments, and because everything happens through the app, all transactions are paperless, too 🌱.

Ogram is pioneering the new workforce by empowering a new generation of gig workers through our all-in-one digital platform. So that you can hire anywhere, and work anytime.

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Who are Ogram’s clients, and what are Ogrammers?

Ogram clients are individuals and businesses looking to fill their part-time, flexible staffing needs on-demand. This includes:

  • Private individuals, groups, or even organizations who need on-demand staff for a private event, like a birthday, wedding, or fundraiser.
  • Companies that want to hire flexible workers from the following industries: Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing, and Logistics.

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Ogrammers are…

  • The brilliant people who use the Ogram app in order to find part-time jobs
  • Workers with the freedom to choose their own working hours, schedules, and jobs
  • Everyone from cooks, waiters, baristas, e-pickers and packers to hosts, admins, cleaners and more

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Ready to jump into our new product updates? Let’s go!

#1 - One-click Payments for Ogram Clients

What is it? Clients can now pay-by-card for any order with one-click payments. Simply add your card details the first time, hit save, and pay for all future orders in a single click 💥.

Why it matters: This brand new feature means that the processing of payments is now fully automated, eliminating any delays in the order creation process. Clients can also now easily view or download payment information from their personal or corporate account.

Here’s what the new payments user flow looks like:

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Plus, we’ve now added Open Banking Technology

What is it? Clients can now move money instantly thanks to a new open banking integration with Lean Technologies, regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the UAE and SAMA in the KSA, and rapidly expanding to other regions in the Middle East.

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Open banking is an innovative banking method that allows safe and secure payments and data sharing between customer accounts and third-party service providers.

Why it matters: It significantly lowers the risk of fraud as it uses either banking credentials or biometrics to validate payments. Many of our clients were asking us for this method, and when you ask, we listen 😁.

How it works: This new payment method now allows our clients to initiate instant bank transfers from a business banking account.

  • Connect your account once, and use it for any future payments
  • Payments are secured by multi-factor authentication, just like your bank account

#2 - New Ratings Feature for Ogrammers

What is it? Ogram clients can now rate OGs at the end of each shift.

Why it matters: Ratings and reviews are a critical part of the on-demand economy, and that’s why almost every app has them. Think Uber, Lyft, Air Bnb, Amazon, Etsy, Deliveroo, and so on. Because they help to build trust, making sure that our clients are happy while also making it easier for our Ogrammers to match with jobs.

How it works: At the end of each shift, clients are asked to rate their experience with the Ogrammer from 1-5 (one is poor, five is excellent). And these ratings accumulate to give each Ogrammer a ratings score.

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#3 - Improved Job Acceptance Flow for Ogrammers

What is it? Ogrammer’s are now able to see more information to help with their decision making when accepting a job. This information includes:

  • Contract details
  • Instructions on how to check in and out of jobs
  • Dress code requirements
  • Payout terms

Why it matters: Adding this new information increases the transparency of jobs while also helping with OG decision making. Here are two practical examples to highlight why it’s important to have this information before accepting a job:

  • Some clients payout faster than others, making this important information for OGs to factor in when deciding which jobs to take. I.e. The one that pays out after 10 days, or the one that pays out after 30!
  • Imagine an OG accepts a job, only to discover that they don’t like or cannot easily comply with the dress code!

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#4 - Meet your team with Shiftmates

What is it? Ogrammers can now get in touch with other Ogrammers selected to work the same gig. For example, if a client hires 10 waiters from Ogram for an event, Ogrammers now have the option to contact each other 😊.

Why it matters: Just because you work different jobs doesn’t mean you’re not part of a team. With Shiftmates, Ogrammers can contact one another for job-related coordination, such as how to get there or where to meet up upon arrival, and start building an OG community.

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As a digital platform, our goal is to make the Ogram experience smoother and simpler for all our users - clients and Ogrammers alike. That’s why we are constantly working on new product features and improvements, so stay tuned!

Anyone can get started with Ogram quickly and easily. In fact, you can fill a shift or find your next gig as early as tomorrow 👀.

Looking for work or need staff? Let us help you get started here.