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Ogram and Auxilium Partner to Provide Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ogram and Auxilium have announced a strategic partnership to enhance workforce management across the UAE. This collaboration provides Ogram with the capabilities to sponsor workers and secure the necessary work permits for long-term contracts through Auxilium's established Employer of Record services.

This partnership allows Ogram, a leader in connecting businesses with on-demand talent, to leverage Auxilium's comprehensive Employer of Record services, which include visa issuance, ongoing sponsorship, payroll processing, and benefits management. These services are designed to streamline the complex administrative tasks associated with managing a compliant and effective workforce.

Auxilium, known for its technological prowess and deep understanding of GCC compliance issues, will handle the intricate details of employment regulation, freeing Ogram to focus on its core business of providing flexible staffing solutions. This collaboration aims to simplify the hiring and management of talent, ensuring that businesses can quickly adapt to market changes and scale efficiently.

“We firmly believe in the opportunities for growth for businesses and their people across the GCC. Working with Ogram allows us to reach many more businesses and people, giving employers and employees compliant workforce solutions. There is no greater satisfaction than to see people building their futures in the region with our assistance,” states Khawar Mann OBE, Co-founder & CEO of Auxilium.

“Our partnership with Auxilium aligns perfectly with our vision of empowering the Ogrammer community. By giving workers the tools and autonomy to create their own career path, we are focused on delivering impactful solutions that will benefit businesses and their employees alike,” says Shafiq Khartabil, Co-founder & CEO of Ogram.

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To learn more about how this partnership can benefit your business, visit and Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership.

About Ogram:

Ogram is a pioneering digital staffing platform that provides a wide range of on-demand talent solutions, helping over 1,700 businesses across various industries to meet their immediate and strategic staffing needs.

About Auxilium:

Auxilium is a leading Employer of Record service provider focused on the GCC market, offering tech-enabled solutions to simplify employment and visa processes, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency for businesses expanding their workforce.