New Feature

Revolutionizing the Gig Economy: Ogram's Instant Payout Feature with Abhi

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Driven by Ogram's innovative spirit and dedication to empowering the workforce, we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking new feature in partnership with fintech leader Abhi. A first in the region, Ogram is proud to introduce our instant payout feature, setting a new benchmark for financial empowerment in the gig economy. This initiative marks a pivotal step towards fulfilling our mission: to enhance the lives of workers by making flexible work more rewarding.

How It Works

This new feature is available to anyone who is registered on the Ogram app, and using it is very simple. Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

1. Open your Ogram app, tap ‘Profile’ at the bottom right, then select ‘Earnings’.

2. View your ‘Available for Early Payment’ balance and tap ‘Withdraw’.

3. Agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and press ‘Continue’.

4. Confirm your withdrawal amount and details. Note: A service charge of AED 30 applies per transaction.

5. Your transaction request is now in process.

6. Congratulations! Your pay has now been successfully transferred to your bank account!

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Why This Matters

Faster payouts address a critical need for financial liquidity among gig workers. This feature empowers our OGs to manage their finances more effectively, reducing stress and enhancing job satisfaction. While the positive impact extends beyond individual workers, contributing to a healthier, more vibrant gig economy.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

Our collaboration with Abhi is grounded in a mutual commitment to leverage technology for social good. Both Ogram and Abhi are backed by visionary investor Global Ventures, the investment firm that is dedicated to innovating for impact, making this partnership a natural fit.

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Looking Ahead

This marks another step on the road to redefine the gig economy. Looking ahead, Ogram remains committed to introducing new features and strategic partnerships for our esteemed workers and clients.

The instant payout feature is a testament to Ogram's commitment to our community of OGs. By providing a financial system that mirrors the flexibility of gig work, we're not just paying lip service to empowerment; we're making it a reality.

Join us in this exciting new era of the gig economy. Whether you're looking to hire flexible staff or seeking opportunities to work on your terms, Ogram is here to support your journey.