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Ogram and Easy Freelance Join Forces to Streamline Visa Processing for Freelancers

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ogram, a leading on-demand digital staffing platform, has partnered with Easy Freelance, a specialist in facilitating freelance visa services. This collaboration aims to enhance support for freelancers by streamlining visa processes and reducing administrative barriers, enabling them to focus more on their professional work.

Navigating visa regulations can often be cumbersome for freelancers, involving lengthy wait times and complex procedures. Easy Freelance simplifies this journey by providing tailored support for obtaining and renewing freelance visas efficiently.

By integrating Easy Freelance's services, Ogram will offer a more streamlined visa processing experience. This will allow freelancers to secure necessary work documentation swiftly, reducing the bureaucratic load and allowing them to concentrate on their assignments.

This partnership is designed to significantly improve operational efficiency for freelancers. With Ogram's platform connecting businesses with skilled staff and Easy Freelance's expertise in visa services, the freelance community is expected to experience enhanced service efficiency and reduced processing times.

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To learn more about this partnership and its benefits for freelancers, please visit Ogram x Easy Freelance

About Ogram:

Ogram provides flexible, on-demand staffing solutions, connecting businesses with a network of vetted freelancers across various sectors.

About Easy Freelance:

Easy Freelance offers streamlined visa services, simplifying the application and renewal processes for freelancers, thus facilitating compliance and career focus.