Pre-vetted temporary Staff

All our service providers go through a screening and a vetting process, making sure that the staff you hire are professional and well suited for the job.

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We manage the staff so you can focus on growing your business

With our in house state-of-the-art technology say goodbye to no-shows. We handle your staff placement, scheduling, coordination, and replacement so you can focus on your business

Long term or short term

Cost effective

Having the flexibility of hiring staff on-demand is key to running a smooth and lean business. Without the hassle of hiring full time employees ,you can now hire what you really need and only pay for what you get.

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the ogram platform

Hire part-time staff on the go

The new Ogram platform and app will be coming soon to all clients and service providers. Providing on-the-go the tools to hire, manage and have complete control over jobs and staff.



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General Questions

How do you price?
Can staff work long-term?
How fast is on-demand?
What type of staff do you have?
How do I manage attendance?
What if the staff I hired doesn't show up?
Are the staff lawfully permitted to work?

We manage the staff so you can focus on your business.